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MARCH 2016

The Teen Years - ( My introduction to Progrock)

As a teenager growing up in Vienna, Austria, I worked as a drafting apprentice. I decided that every week I would put some money aside and start my record collection (vinyl LP's). There was this fantastic record store located beneath the main central railway station where you could choose an album then go and listen to it in one of the 20 listening booths. I spent hours each Friday after work there. It was magical.

1. Look At Yourself - Uriah Heep.

Like all mainstream radio, pop songs dominate the airwaves but this one particular radio station played "Easy Livin". This was definitely different. Heavier, bolder, different arrangements and 10 part harmonies, so "Look At Yourself" was my all time first LP.

2. Who's Next - The Who.

This was my first ever rock concert (Golden Earring was the support band). Absolutely brilliant and still in my all time top 5 concerts. The next day I bought my second album.

3. Paranoid - Black Sabbath.

One of my best friends played me one of his favourite singles called "Iron Man". This was the absolute heaviest sound going around at that time and it was almost hypnotic. The guitar and bass lines were quite often identical although still quite melodic. I loved it, so my next album was "Paranoid" and Black Sabbath was my favourite band for quite some time.

4. Meddle - Pink Floyd.

I was attracted to this album by the cover. No title or band name, just a weird green pattern. The 5 songs on the first side were in total contrast to each other which was a bit strange so I almost didn't listen to side 2. Then came my first introduction to a 'long song' : "Echos". What an epic composition taking you through a variety of moods and that brilliant solo guitar sound of Dave Gilmour. This was my first introduction to Progressive Rock.

5. Made In Japan - Deep Purple.

At this stage I did pick up a guitar and started to teach myself some riffs and chords and generally just muck about and, yes......I too could play "Smoke On The Water" within a couple of minutes. Besides Ritchie Blackmore's brilliant guitar solos, the sound of the Hammond Organ really started to appeal to me. It just gave a rock band a 'fuller' sound. The day this album was released I lined up for hours, and still enjoy listening to it today. On our song, we did try and emulate "Smoke On The Water". We took the notes from the riff and re arranged them to create our own 'classic' riff - hope you like it.

6. Aqualung - Jethro Tull.

One of my friends suggested that I have a listen to this unusual band so off I went to my favourite record shop and selected "Aqualung". What???? What is a bloody flute doing in a rock band?. No way, this is too weird, but it actually grew on me and by the end of the album, I loved it. Jethro Tull came to Vienna, and after now having seen possibly a few thousand concerts, THAT Jethro Tull concert is still my all time number 1. Ian Anderson was absolutely mesmerising with his on stage humour and brilliance.

7. Close To The Edge.

Once again I was drawn to this album by the cover artwork. The fade out green and that brilliant 'Yes' logo. It was in the new release rack so I had to have a listen. From the first few unusual bird sounds and into this totally different song structure, I was mesmerised. That bass guitar was way out in front with this totally unusual 'punchy' sound.....I can still remember now that no piece of music has ever moved me to such an effect. The whole song was absolutely brilliant and so from then on, Yes still remain one of my favourite bands.

During the recording of our song "Who's Next", Chris Squire unfortunately passed away. At around the 8 minute mark, Alan Seis pays tribute to Chris.

All our songs are originals but do incorporate or emulate some parts of the original albums, be it either lyrics or music.
We had immense fun making this album and we hope that you enjoy it as well.

Please email us with your first albums ever bought, and share your teenage memories at:



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